Suzhou Trusty Auto Parts Co. Ltd. was founded in April, 2008, located Suzhou Industry Park, one of the most active economic region in Yangtze River Delta. We have focused on the research&development and manufacturing of sealing system parts, heatshield system parts and crankcase ventilation system parts in auto field. The engineers in our R&D team have rich working experience in engine sealings, heatshields and crankcase ventilation system, who had also worked internationally renowned companies in the related field.


Suzhou Trusty Auto Componets Co.,Ltd.                                                                                                                                                                                   Add:No.11,Chunhui Road,SIP,Suzhou City,China
Tel:+86 512 8555 3506
Fax:+86 512 6923 3506
[email protected]
 Copyright(C) Since2008 Suzhou Trusty Auto Componets Co., Ltd.
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